Before to be owners of the Mas De L’Oncle, Audrey Bonmarchand was a sale representative in the paramedical while Fabrice Bonmarchand led for 12 years a building firm. This activity allowed him to work with the greatest architects of France. Some of them continued to follow his professional road. This is the case of Rudy Ricciotti, illustrious man of French architecture, that has signed in last achievements, the MUCEM museum of Marseille, the Jean Bouin Stadium in Paris, as well as last work to the Louvre museum with the Department of Islamic Art.

This epicurean was under the charm of the landscapes of Pic Saint Loup and its wines. We are honored to work with him for our new project of winery which was designed jointly.

He wanted an architecture which disappear in favor of landscapes. “Here there is no place for architecture” he said while visiting the site.

This specialist of cultural buildings wanted to open the building to the outside by creating windows in order to encourage the visitor to get into the building and understand the secrets of the process of transformation of this fruit in into a miraculous nectar, so important for Languedoc economy.