Become owner of vineyard on PIC ST LOUP:
GFV LES TERRES DU MAS DE L’ONCLE (Vineyard Land grouping)

The Vineyard Land Grouping is a civil society with the aim of collective property to a winery
The Vineyard Land Grouping is a official and legal agriculture structure and aims to acquire agricultural land and vineyard land to give the lease to winegrowers who operate these lands.
In terms of functioning, only, natural persons may associate in this group.
This is an investment formula reserved for individuals wishing to diversify their portfolios by choosing terroir and winery with high potential. This is a long-term investment through you will become one of owner of the Mas De L’Oncle’s vines
In our case, you entrust the functioning of this group to a professional winemaker through a lease over a long period.

The grouping offer the opportunity to invest in french vineyard, while enjoying the nice growth and uncorrelated to financial market sectors: wine and the land.
It appears as an investment to diversify its family asset with a land investment, which accompanies the economic growth of a vineyard.
Revenues from our grouping is 5% per year, a much better rate than traditional long-term investment products.

- By purchasing shares of Vineyard Land Grouping « Les Terres du Mas De L’Oncle »
- You acquire a dynamic and quality vineyard, in a famous appellation, AOC Pic Saint Loup, flagship wines of Languedoc.
- You invest in a disconnected Investment of Financial Markets
- You get a return of 5%, much higher than other investments.
- You can obtain very interesting savings on taxes
- You can transfer your placement to your child, nephews or other heirs cheaply.
- You will attend each year to the general meeting of the GFV, the Domaine and the winemaker can share with the joys, the sorrows, the uncertainties, but also the successes of different vintages.
- A magic pleasure to drink, share and offer its own wine, with the possibility to see him born, follow its growth cycle, and participate to the harvest.

A solid legal structure is simple and secure.

The grouping has been validated by our accountant.
The acquisition of shares are validated by public act.
Your investment is protected.

4 steps for a simple processs:
Step 1
• We get to know us and check the harmony of our respective expectations.
Step 2
• We will send you a subscription to return to our accountant
Step 3
• Upon receipt of your souscription, our expert checks the compliance of the dossier and sends it to our notary
Step 4
• • We communicate you the act and the property title


- DISCOVERY : Annual incomes
Subscription : 1500€ (including fees) = 1 membership share
166€ in capital and 1150€ in current account, remunerated at 5% annual guaranteed annuity (payment in bottles with a partner discount of 20%, and/or payment in overnights stay in our gites)
* Commercial and juridical fees 184€

-PARTNERSHIP: Improvement of land assets
Subscription : 7300€ (including fees) = 1 lot of 5 membership shares
834€ in capital and 6000 € in current account, remunerated at 5% annual guaranteed annuity (payment in bottles with a partner discount of 20%, and/or payment in overnights stay in our gites)
* Commercial and juridical fees 184€

We are also at your disposal to study any other requests for larger subscriptions.

Schéma GFV


Net incomes, are distributed annually, in bottles of wines, after deduction management fees and taxes.
The management of the domain is entrusted by a long-term lease to the Mas de L’oncle for its technical and commercial expertise.

It is the winemaker who bears alone the risks linked to the wine production and business of the Mas de l’oncle wines. Even if rain, hail or freezes may affect yields and production, the winegrower must pay his rent at the grouping.

A complete management report is sent each year, as well as details on the evolution of the investment and the amount of income to report.


Your investment will permit to raise enriching meetings between wine lovers, to share the life of a vineyard, a passion, and create a network of ambassadors for the promotion of the wines.
The opportunity to create an attractive cellar constituting a pleasure and financial capital easily transmitted to his relatives.
A unique pleasure, drinking and offer its own wine, with the possibility of seeing it born, to follow his growth cycle, and participate to the harvest.
You participate to a human project with common values of conviviality.
The Annual General Meeting will take place during our traditional harvest workshop.
A Weekend, to learn and understand the challenges and the choices we have to make during the harvest for the succeed of a quality wine.
The opportunity to get together every year around good bottles and an epicurean meals and also recover bottles of your investment.